Underwater Healer About Face Photo Book

A San Francisco­based underwater photographer, Erena Shimoda launched an innovative and philanthropic fundraiser to give cancer survivors healing underwater photography sessions. She partnered with IHadCancer.com and launched this campaign through the crowdfunding website Indiegogo.com in July 2013 and raised more than $10,000 in 30 days. Forty percent of the proceeds was donated to IHadCancer, and the remaining 60 percent covered the costs associated with providing portrait sessions to selected cancer survivors. She worked with seven survivors from the campaign—shooting five of them in the San Francisco Bay Area and two in Seattle, Washington. She flew to New York City to meet three more survivors. Including two other cancer survivors before the campaign started, Shimoda succeeded in giving the underwater healer session to 12 survivors within three months in 2013.

I recently self published a photo book of 13 cancer survivors and their inspirational stories.
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